11 Crazy Things to Do in India

Often this happens that when we come back from our vacation, a memory remain intact in our mind, which bring a smile on our face. It can be anything from enjoying yourself in the surreal air or indulging yourself in a nutty work. Do you always dream about traveling with a difference?

How about unleashing your craziest side in India? Let us bring you top 11 things to get crazy with India, in India:

Dark Nights: India, the pristine land of many hidden jewels still houses several remote villages, which is deprived of basic facilities including electricity.  How about spending nights at these dark villages? Doesn’t this sound exciting when you know that all you get in the company at these villages would be the sparkling stars in the sky.

Feed Rats: India being the land of varied traditions homes many beliefs and rituals. How much creepy this may sound but there is a temple in India which houses more than 20,000 rats and it is believed that feeding and eating the food bitten my these rats will bring good luck. Spotting the white rat among them is considered auspicious

Live with a 500 year- old Mummy: Astonished? But imagine meeting a 500 year old Mummy, which still have a tooth and slight hairs intact. This is a mummy which is preserved in Giu Village in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh and the first look at this nature’s marvel will surely deter your senses

Dance atop a Bar Table: Why dance amidst the crowd. Be different and try something different. Footloose and unleash your dance talent atop a Bar table in Pub or a club. Enjoy yourself thoroughly amidst the hippy crowd in the main town of Goa

Fly Out from Car Window: This may sound craziest of all but believe me this is an absolute fun. It’s not always possible for us to take a biking tour. So how about compensating the same experience in a four wheeler? Flying out of car windows to feel the breeze of air and feeling like a bird can actually be thriller in your vacation. Amidst this get ready to get thumbs up from the bikers on your way

Elephant Diving – You must have heard about diving with whales, dolphins but Elephants? Try diving with elephants amidst the much surreal air of Andamans. Emerald Isles is the place where you can either snorkel or dive with this the elephant called Rajan.

Live in a tree house – Why not, live the dream you had since your childhood and live in the tree house in Kerala. Vythiri Resort provides a comfortable to live in a tree house where you will have all the luxury you can imagine with an amazing view of this bird territory.

Hang out with Monks- Nothing can beat the magical aura of the Buddhist monks living in monasteries on the mountains. Interact with monks strolling there to hear interesting tales about the place and its heritage from them

‘Highway’ my way– Whether you roll the window down and sing on the highway, or you channel and drum on the steering wheel, the enjoyment of having a jam session while driving is hard to beat

Get connected to your spiritual self: Are you feeling a nudge from deep within to become more spiritually connected, but get distracted by life’s stresses? How about reconnecting with your inner self with meditation in the Yoga capital of India- Rishikhesh

Adventure enthusiasts: Last but not the least break loose your courageous side. Explore and indulge in adventurous and fun activities. Go get trained in mountaineering, learn rafting or kayaking

So what are you waiting for? Go and try them out

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