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15 offbeat Destinations in India to be visited once in a Lifetime

India is blessed to be a home of many hidden jewels. It is a land which has an elusive exquisiteness to allure the travellers from across the world. The varied cultures and diversity in heritage in India only adds to the rich splendour it has, which gives a welcome change for every visitor. Let us share 15 offbeat destinations in India, which every tourist must visit once in the lifetime.

Lansdowne, Uttarakhand
The calm and magnificence is what summarise the picturesque beauty of Lansdowne, which is apparently the nearest hill station from Delhi. Lansdowne, in Pauri- Garhwal region, is a legacy of the Britishers which is named after the viceroy Lord Lansdowne. With lush green surroundings, dense pine-oak forests and freshness in air, its best suited for those who are looking for peace and harmony.


Kannatal, Uttarakhand
Known for its mesmerizing beauty, scenic views, verdant forests, invigorating winds and tranquil weather, Kannatal has thick deodar forest and offers treks with spectacular views of the Himalayas. For the wondering travelers Kanatal is a great gift of silence. A walk amidst Deodar trees will not only provide a sense of happiness but also calmness to the mind. Kanatal is 30 KM from Mussoorie and is an ideal place for people to spend some memorable and peaceful time in solitude.


Landour, Uttarakhand
Landour should be on a must visit destination, for the simple fact that it’s unknown and mostly secluded. A much quieter place than Mussoorie, Landour is a small cantonment area which is about 35 KM from the city of Dehradun.


Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh
Thanedar is located at a distance of 68 KM, on Hindustan-Tibet Road (NH-22), from ‘Queen of Hills’ Shimla. It’s a small town which is famous for being home to one of the first apple plantations in the country. What set apart Thandedar is the unspoiled clean surroundings and the awe-inspiring snow capped peaks in the background, adding to the mood of every traveler to fall in love with it.


Shoja, Himachal Pradesh

The quaint and charismatic splendour in of Shoja is enough to charm your senses, which is the most beautiful tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. The weather in this area remains pleasant in summers and snow covered during winters. The most fascinating thing about Shoja is the way it brings us close to the nature.


Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Orchha is a place of historical significance with finely craved temples, palaces and cenotaphs which will give you a glimpse of medieval time. It is studded with monuments that reveal tales of battles between Kings and Emperors. Simply put, Orchha is a history lover’s delight.


Khichan Village, Rajasthan
Khichan Village lies 150 km from Jodhpur in the northern part of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. It is known as the village of ‘Migrating birds’ where you get to witness the unique symbolic existence of love between man and birds every year. Welcomed with the mesmerising view of migrating birds flying high in the sky, Khichan comes alive every winter with the congregation of over 20,000 Demoiselle Cranes, who fly from their breeding grounds on the plains of Mongolia. These migrating birds arrive by end of August in Khichan and stay on till the end of March. Due to Demoiselle Cranes, Khichan has now become one of the most sort-after Bird spotting destination in India. It has recently acquired the international recognition by featuring in Birding World magazine.


Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh
Located amidst much serenity, the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat will give you an essence of real beauty in India. Indulge yourself with a boatride on a moonlit night on the Narmada river with marble gorges of Bhedaghat towering up to 100 feet on either side, and build a memory for a lifetime.


Gokarna, Karnataka
For the love of beaches, move away from much crowded Goa to the pristine, unspoilt beaches of Gokarna. The place is relatively gaining popularity among the youngsters for its relaxed atmosphere and beach faced resorts.

Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Known for its indigenous tribes, the place will showcase the real essence of medieval time living and customs. Enjoy a boat ride in the Niagara Falls of India, Chitrakoot

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

An offbeat destination in the crown of the North-East, Ziro is one of those places which boast pleasant and serene climate throughout the year. The place is known for its beautiful green patches, rice fields and its tribes.


Zanskar Valley, Ladakh
Zanskar Valley is the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys which falls under Ladakh District, which is surrounded by Himalayan and Zanskar ranges. Due to heavy snowfall, the proximity to the area in winters remains limited for 6 months and can be accessed only through Chadar Trek, which means trek on frozen white river sheet. In Zanskari language Chadar is called as Hkado Sanglam. From adventure treks to camping amidst the surreal beauty, Zanskar has got everything a nature and adventure lover could seek.


Patan, Gujarat
Surrounded by giant walls giving a feel of an old world, this former capital of medieval Gujarat will make for a lovely offbeat holiday place. Recently making it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Patan has sprung to popularity because of its Rani ka Vav.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

An ideal destination for everyone, Tirthan Valley offers a perfect combo of adventure and serenity in the pine-studded landscape. Indulge in adventure sports, fishing or go on an exploration, Tirthan offer you varied options to let you decide how you plan to enjoy your holiday.


Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh
Gandikota, near Kadapa is best known for its historic fort and the Madhavaraya temple which dates back to 1123 AD. The fort takes its name from Gandi (Telugu for Gorge); the deep gorge around the fort runs for 4 km and is 700 mt deep. This village has striking match to the Grand Canyon. It offers staggering views and photo opportunities that resemble the Canyon.


Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
On the north-eastern edge of India along the Chinese border, lies one of India’s most inaccessible and scenic districts. Comparisons with Tibet and Bhutan are not unusual; the district is home to historic and sacred monasteries like the Tawang and Urgeylling Monastery. Rare fauna like the snow pigeon and musk deer thrive here while a clutch of picturesque lakes — the Sangettsar and the Ptso — the most famous, dot the landscape.



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