8 Wonder of Dubai in a Frame

The fascinating Dubai is definitely the top holiday spot of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s high rises as well as it’s shopping malls has changed itself significantly from being a desert place to a super cool destination for travelers. The Destination has a lot to offer and it attracts a lot of travelers around the world. The city is well known for it’s sightseeing attractions. Mainly, there are many places for sightseeing in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building, attracts a lot of people just to get a glance of this amazing structure. Dubai has many shopping malls and immense aquariums as well as indoor ski slopes.Dubai has numerous cultural highlights and also the glamour side of the city. The city has it’s own charisma and can make you keep wondering about how stunning a city can be. Dubai places to visit are of diverse kinds, it is not only just for adults but also for kids as well.

Tourist visiting Dubai, need not worry about accommodation and stressing about which hotel to fit in. The city boasts a listing of World Class Hotels. Burn Al Arab, The Palm Dubai, Atlantis, Ajman Saray, Armani Hotel Dubai and many other top notch hotels the city has for travellers.

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The main attractions you must to visit while in Dubai are as follows:

1. Burj Khalifa:
burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s milestone building. Standing beautifully at 829.8 m, it is the tallest building in the world. It is a must for the travelers visiting Dubai to take a holiday to the observation deck situated on the 124th floor. The sight of the city from Burj Khalifa is enormously stunning and provides you a bird’s eye view of the city. The observation deck experience incorporates a ideal multi-media presentation on the city and also the Burj Khalifa. Visits during night time are very admired, specially among photographers. The solitary reason for night time visits by photographers is to capture the city lights of Dubai throughout the night time and look all shiny and full of glitter.

2. Dubai Creek:

The creek separates Dubai into two towns, Deira towards the north and Bur Dubai toward the south. It has been an important part in Dubai’s growth. Some of the villages grew along with the creek around 4,000 years ago. That’s quite a long time ago. If you feel like travelling across the creek, take a shot on one of the dhows. These dhows have been restored as tourist cruise boats or you might take an abra, abra is a small wooden ferry.

3. Dubai Aquarium:
dubai aqurium

The Dubai Aquarium is one of the major attractions for the visitors out here. It is mammoth in size and has around 140 species of sea creatures. This is located in the ground floor of the Dubai mall in a enormous suspended tank. Not just viewing from the mall, if you ensue to step in the Underground Zoo, you can walk throughout the tunnels. There are various activities where you can get a closer glance of the sea life. The most popular one is surely the glass bottom boat tours. It also provides Shark diving activities. The next time you’re in Dubai, don’t miss out on this place.

4. Dubai Mall:
dubai mall

Dubai Mall is certainly the most popular mall of the city and also it gives entry for travelers to Burj Khalifa and also the Dubai Aquarium. It comprises of an Ice skating rink, gaming zone as well as a cinema complex. The endless eating and shopping, it will definitely puzzle you about what you want to eat for your taste buds or what you want to buy. The Dubai Mall also have Live music events and Fashion shows that are held within the mall. A fun place to be for everyone.

5. Burj Al-Arab:
burj al arab

This is the tallest Hotel in the world. Standing at an astonishing height of 321 m, the hotel is located in the artificial island of the Dubai coastline. The exteriors of the hotel is lit up by breathtaking coloured lighting show during the night. Burj al-Arab certainly one of the costliest hotels in the world with the luxurious suites.For those traveler who want to try out something special, they can go for a dinner at the underwater Al- Mahara restaurant. This splendid restaurant has glass panels all over the floor as well as the ceiling in the dining room. A good way to let tourist catch a glimpse of the sea life around them, while they are dining. Something surreal to imagine.

6. Jumeirah Beach:

This sandy white paradise is the “Numero Uno” beach destination for people visiting the city of Dubai. Many good hotels are located near the beach and it is definitely the most popular place for tourists to stay here in the nearby hotels to get a mesmerizing view from their window in the morning. Jumeirah Beach has unbelievable facilities with many sun loungers, restaurants as well as many water sports . It’s a good place to bring out your Adrenal Junkie.

7. Mall Of The Emirates:
mall of emriates

This is one of Dubai’s most prominent and well known Mall. It has an wonderful Ski Dubai facility within the mall. The indoor ski slope is complete and also a penguin area, all of these at a regular temperature of approximately -4 degree celsius. It boasts of a family entertainment centre as well as a cinema complex for the movie freaks. There are many shopping opportunities as well as diverse places to entertain your taste buds. The mall offers some World Class Cuisines. Do not miss going to this fantastic mall. The mall has everything a traveler would expect and you’ll surely come out smiling of the mall.

8. Desert Safari:
desert safari

A thing that every travelers who comes to Dubai, they always tend to prefer going for a Desert Safari. The main attraction of the Desert Safari is to see some of the desert panorama of Dubai. Most of the visitors go for the Half Day Safari, also called as Sunset Safari. These Safaris are given by almost every tour operator and could cost from 150 to 350 dh. You can also try your luck in Sand skiing after reaching the desert. Definitely an enjoyable and thrilling experience. As it gets dark, you’ll be driven off to the numerous Bedouin Camps in the desert. In the dubai package you’ll get to have dinner and enjoy a Belly dancing performance of the belly dancers as well as camel rides and dressing up in Gulf Costume.

These are some of the main attractions of Dubai. Best time to visit Dubai is from the month of October to March. If you’re planning a trip to the Emirates, do visit the above mentioned attractions in Dubai.

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