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Are you a tourist or a traveler? Let’s find out

Everyone travels and everyone travels in their own unique way. While few people prefer to capture the moments in cameras, few others prefer to venture out and soak in the beauty of nature. While few would like to hit the roads and explore even the tiniest corner which exists in this world, other prefers to take a backseat and enjoy the luxury of being on a vacation. There are people who would like to opt for home-stays and prefer to be a cultural learner, while there are others who would love to relax in a comfortable Hotel. Travel in every sense has different meaning for every person.

There is a small yet big difference in the way people travel and this where the categorisation comes between being a traveller or a tourist. Do you want to know where you belong? Let’s find out:


Responsible Travel :

Do you take care of the surroundings where you have travelled; in the same way you take care at home? Do you love to spread the love around? How responsibly you travel is what marks the difference between the two. A traveler will not only take the responsibility to keep the surroundings clean but would also guide and inspire people to do the same. They will note the un-notable. Be it participating in a drive or holding educative sessions, a traveler will always consider it as a duty to let others know that nature is important. At times while traveling, many of us must have spotted the people who litter the places and throw garbage openly without realizing its impact. Travelers will always the respect the place.


Curiosity of Unknown :

Does the curiosity of the unknown ignite your senses? Fear of the unknown is a common tourists’ qualm. For a traveller it is the unknown that we actively seek. While we all might appear foreigners to the locals but learning and living with them is what excites a traveler. Maybe, sometimes a traveler feels just as foreign to some of the tourists they meet. As a traveler, I cringe when I see the barriers people erect in order to protect themselves from the unknown.


Travel as Learning :

How we perceive and see travel depends a lot on what we have understood from traveling. While a traveler will always look to expand the vision and learn from the insights of travel world, for tourist travel only means a form of vacation. Unfortunately, in our society majority of people understand traveling as only a vacation. Whereas in reality traveling is much more of what we think it is and this is what a traveler will understand. They will know that travel is the finest form of education to learn life lessons and probably the best teacher one can ever have.


Pick Offbeat :

Envisioning and exploring the offbeat path always tops the list of a traveler. They always opt to know the un-known. A traveler will try to immerse themselves in the local culture rather than standing out. You will interact with locals and try to get to know the place. Your goal for a trip will be to learn and experience new things, rather than to relax.


Slow Travel :

A traveler will not let the guidebook or any itinerary dictate their travel schedule. A tourist always run around with fixed itineraries and departures. A traveler opts to go slow and experience every essence that a particular destination has in store. They walk the area on foot or travel by the local transportation to experience the place as the locals do instead of taking guided tours or tour buses.


Ready for Challenges :

A traveler is always ready to face the challenge on the go. They know that travel world is unpredictable and uncertain. They are always prepared for the challenges; in turn try to add learnings and lessons from it. A traveler will always welcome people with open arms and make friends on the go.


So, who are you? Do let us know!

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