Have you ever wanted to quit a corporate job and just travel ?

My Learning as a Solo Backpacker in India

My never ending fascination to explore every corner of India has taken me to 20 states and 2 Union terrorities, which I solo backpacked in a short span of 18 months. So much that I even didn’t think twice on giving up my 8 years of settled PR career. I did it all by chance. It was, as if, something was waiting for me to give up on my mundane life, to experience something more fascinating in the outer world. A chance taken and I am living my dream life.

On my way to Sherabling Monastery in Kangra_HimachalTraveling Solo in India especially for a woman is still considered a challenging task. This not because that we can’t do it. It because we are made to believe that travelling in India is unsafe for a woman. While I decided to venture out Solo, I have learned that we believe to live in notions that our surroundings teach us. We are ready to accept things blindly but not keen on experimenting enough. We hate to take challenges and experience.

Because Iam happy @Dhankar Monastery in SpitiEvery day we read stories in media on one or the other incident which is happening in this country. In the process of noticing all the bad, we forget that there is good side of mankind as well. There are still good people which exist in this country and far more in number of what we think it is.  As I went places and introduced myself, I expected people to raise their eyebrows. But on the contrary, I found them helpful and appreciative. I have experienced generosity from strangers and found them by my side whenever I needed help. There kindness has floored me many times. I guess it’s only when you travel, especially solo travel that you get to see and experience the humble side of mankind. Travelling in India have reaffirmed my belief that there is more good in this world than bad.

With Kung Fu Nuns

Invariably, there are only selective destinations in India which tops the list of travellers for going solo. I am not saying that it’s a bad idea to opt for a comfortable place but India is way beyond of what we think it is. I have extensively travelled the Northern, western and southern part of India. I have gone as remotest as Zanskar Valley in Ladakh and travelled solo in states which are considered unsafe. And after covering a distance of uncountable kilometres all I can say is woman can travel SOLO and when it comes to travel in India, it’s a land of many hidden jewels with beautiful hearts.

@ Army base camp in Chitkul, Kinnaur, HimachalI agree that we are a part of a protective society, may be the best thing when you know that there are people back home to take care of you. But it’s equally important to evolve with time. It is just that how open are we to CHANGE!

Authored by Swati Jain, Travel Blogger

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