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India: A country of disconnection and reconnection

For most of us living in urban cities, we are constantly on a look out to find easy escapes, which can help us in handling the stressful life we live. Some find relaxation by pursuing hobbies or engaging in an activity which can give them a sense of relief. Everyone choose these ‘transforming’ exercises according to their own comfort. Travel is one such mode.

I travel to clear my head’. During all these years of my traveling, I have met many travelers who are constantly on a look out for transformation and personal upliftment. For them, travel is the ultimate release, a healing that not only allows them to get at par with the past, accept the present but shows them the path to a better future. Bound by time restrictions, we have no choice but to opt for a closer destination to find quick relief. But have we ever realised the beauty of the country we live in?


Let us look at 6 things why India can be considered a land of disconnection and Re-connection with the inner self


Surreal and Serenity

India is a blessed country with many hidden jewels which can give our senses utter calmness amidst solitude. As they say that in the nature nothing is perfect, yet everything seems so perfect. Be it witnessing a sun-rise in Himalayas or a lone walk amidst the gardens of Bhowali:  Perfect moments can definitely have its share of abundance and so our reconnection with the self


Soul Search

You cannot find some answers in books or on Google. You have to find some answers from within yourself. Breaking lose in the pristine lands of India, helps us in building an unspoken yet strong connect with the self, transforming us to reach a near level of spirituality, making us more aware to live in the present. I started traveling in India with an intention to experience something new, which can be beyond my metro life and what I got in return was a transformed open self. I still remember the sunrise in Ladakh which brought out the traveler in me, when I realized that the world we live in has a brighter side too.


Finding Happiness

As we get busy in our daily lives, one important aspect we forget about life is being happy and content. We forget that happiness is a state of being and all we end up doing is crib. During my travels in India, I have learnt that life is not about living in luxury, life is about being happy. I have met people living and surviving sub-zero in as remotest area as Zanskar Valley in Ladakh. Honestly when you see them in extreme conditions and still happy, you tend to make excuses and start appreciating the joys in your life. Travelling in India has connected me with my inner happiness as today I am grateful for even the smallest thing in my life.


Sense of Diversity

India is home to diverse landscapes, cultures, traditions and varied languages. It gives an ample opportunity to learn and observe the historic customs, as some part of India still preserves the historic rituals and practices even after modernity swept in. Be it conventional tribes of Chhattisgarh or Nagaland, India have ample opportunities to immerse and explore all within a relatively small geographic area. It all about connecting with the age-old traditions we have and feel how beautiful our culture is


Center of History

India as a country is the center of beautiful structures and monuments left behind by some of the oldest civilizations in the world. Whether it’s Qutab Minar in Delhi or Sanchi Stupa in Bhopal, India is blessed with historic significance and importance, which gives us a glimpse of our ancient past. Visiting such remarkable places only educate and make us realize the rich culture that we are bestowed in.


Exploration of a journey

The natural landscapes and scenic beauty of India is enough to mesmerize any adventure lover, which is precisely the reason why India counts on every global adventure enthusiasts list. They hit Indian roads to experience the unadulterated thrill amidst audacious landscapes. Something which will charm your senses and will make you adept at dealing with utter difficulties in life.


As I read sometime back a quote from Miriam Beard: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

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