Mad or What ?

Craziest things to do in India

The question is how much civilized you are or how you actually define being civilized is because most of the civilized social definitions would never give you an experience worth remembering. Breaking boundaries is important when you want to do something out of the conventional, when your family has a tradition of becoming Doctors and you stood up for changing the line of family cycle deciding to become a Journalist it helps you to think beyond and accept the change from within. It is off course an arena out of your experience and comfort zone but it is after breaking this self-created cocoon that you would realize, learn and grow, add something to your till now stagnant lives. It is this sheer seeking to know and experience that widens up one’s perception towards life as then one becomes more and more genderless, religion less and boundaries devoid.


Uniquely and crazily India

Some perception widening experiences that you can only have in India that may sound overwhelmingly crazy


Taking a Holy dip in the Ganga with the NAGA SADHUS

The path of a Naga Sadhu is considered to be the most extreme, involving practices that are considered bizarre to the outside world. Well Asian take on asceticism is different. Did you ever forget to have taken bath, food while you were relentlessly trying to prepare for your exams? Did you ever missed meeting your loved one, didn’t returned home on time while pursuing your career goal? Was it renouncing food or your kin? Ascetics do not renounce anything worldly, it is just that they have a higher longing that automatically results in them shedding of the need or orientation for all material possessions. Yet you would see these long hair carefree, sometimes grumpy men jovial with in themselves as none else.

And if you didn’t took bath then, then now is the perfect time to take a dip and receive the reverberations through the Holy Ganga.Naga
Travel on the Bus top in Bone chilling climate of the Himalayas

Well someone would ask you why to live life scarcely when you can access a comfortable life. It is not about living a difficult life but to experience the joy of living even in those difficult of ways. It is to understand how the largest section of our population seeks pleasure in small things and you would see how amazing it indeed is. Well it is not just the Bus top Luggage seat that would excite you but, the hula hoop mountainous terrain that adds a live roller coaster experience and the gushing breeze over your face with the majestic view of the mountains that would only multiply your experience and bring in you gratitude towards these people and its surrounding.bus travelDance with the moving processions during Ganpati Visarjan in Pune

Life is not about control but to let go and live the change. And when it comes about dancing you definitely have to let go. Do not think who is watching, do not try to dance well and appropriate and if you still are trying to just open up your inner inhibitions then Ganpati Visarjan is the right time to open up as hoards of people, men women and children on the beat of ethnic Marathi drum rhythms dances there heart out, unleash the madness in you as you become one with the crowd, dancing from one possession to another. Spend the entire night on the streets near Mula and Mutha as you discover new intense facial expressions of dancing and can try one or two yourself.


Getting a new haircut at the Street Hair Dresser in Varanasi by the side of Assi Ghat

Want to experience Indian! Then do not hold yourself back from being part of the everyday Indian life at the Assi Ghats of Varanasi. If you’re travelling through Ganga Ghats of Varanasi, you’ll notice there are hairdressers with a small mirror and a set of scissors and razor siting under a tree glaring at the passerby. Well do not hesitate to ask one to get you a nice haircut. Yes, you heard it right “Nice” these men may look unprofessional but they indeed know their craft well. Just let them know how you want your hairs to be and rest leave it to the craftsmen, and if you are lucky enough which sure you are you would also get a nice head message “Champi” before you nap out with your new hair style to flaunter while travelling across the country.barber

Being Bald is The New crazy trend, Offer Your Hair At Tirumala Tirupati

If by chance the hair dresser messed up at the Assi Ghats or being bald is the new style trending on your mind built world then here is your opportunity to celebrate being bald, come to another such tradition. Call it religious or cultural everyday 15,000 men, women and children donate their hairs at the Tirupati Tirumala. Taking a bath and donating your hair off significantly cleanses your aura in that specific geographical location and energy state. Do not do it for any religious reasons but to experience life to it full magnitude.hair

Participate in the Rural Olympic of Punjab /Mud Bull Racing

No it is not a part of the Olympic committee; it is just that we have created our own Olympic. A completely new genre of sports that only showcases the rural abundance of India, mainly of Punjab. Every year in February, Ludhiana becomes the destination for hundreds of sports enthusiasts, including foreigners. They come to Kila Raipur to see the special breed of bullocks, camels, dogs, mules and other animals competing in competitive events. This rural engagement through sports has opened the floodgates of village development in Punjab. The rural folk come in tractor trailers, bullock-carts, jeeps, trucks, cars, scooters and cycles.horse

Get Drunk, Experience Local Alcohol in the India’s North East Frontier

The Place Were Men and Women Drink and Make Merry Together

North Easterns believe alcohol to be auspicious. In many animistic, tantric Buddhism and Hindu practices of NE region alcohol is considered very auspicious. This is evident by the sheer difference in the impact of it on the behaviour of these men and women who become merrier, much sensitive and softer in conversation when they are drunk which may be the reason to include a so called intoxicating agent to be of holy demeanour. Unlikely, the men dominated patriarchal North, these men and women from the North East are much equal in exchanging emotions and would welcome you to give you the best time of your life if they find a reliable friend in you.

So, if you are there get a local friend and enjoy their rich hospitality with his/her family and friends. Try Tongba or Chang and make merry together. Cheers!!

NE DrinksDance with Dhunichi in Hand During Durga Puja in Kolkata

Dhunachi Nritya is an Indian dance form mostly performed during the 9 days of celebration of the Goddess in Bengal, with incense burner in hands used at one stage of the Arati, on which incense (usually resin) is sprinkled continued with a frenzied dance with the censer, to the accompaniment of feverish Dhak rolls(traditional Bengali musical instrument similar to drums). Everyone from all walks of life men or women, native or foreigner is welcomed to dance and celebrate in the tunes of the Dhak and here is where your opportunity lies.

photo-51702746Dress Colorfully Like An Indian as the Famous Lines Go “Japany Shoe, English Pant, Russian Hat but a Hindustani Heart” and Sing a English Song in a Marriage Orchestra

Sounds too dramatic to end with! Well it is dramatic. We Indians from television to movies to real life just cannot live without Drama, actually Melodrama. But, that would only add up to your fun and experiencing India to a whole new level. After all who would resist inviting a foreigner dressed like an Indian singing an English song in a Marriage Orchestra to show off to the Groom’s family how better they are. Yes, this is another side of the drama that demands comparison, a determinant of the Indian statuesque.

Marriage Orchestra


Authored by Deep Bhattacharya (a passionate traveller and writer)

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