Road Trip From Delhi To London – Story of Three Supermoms

Do you consider driving from Delhi to Gurgaon regular deserving of a congratulatory gesture? All things considered, you do. In any case, three ladies pushed the bar a lot higher. Rashmi Kapoor, Dr. Saumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari share more than only an obligation of kinship. With a single driver (Nidhi), a jeep by Mahindra First Choice and no back up car and decided soul, these 3 mid-30 year old moms pushed around 600 kms every single day and finished the excursion of a lifetime. A travel story of three mom’s who drove from the capital to India, covering 23,700 Kms, crossing 17 nations in a span of 95 days.

This is certainly an EPIC road trip journey.A road outing is similar to a travel none other. Furthermore, to do that crosswise over 17 nations, 23,700 kilometers in about 95 days is groundbreaking most definitely. The adventure of 21,477 km, 17 nations and 92 days began in the month of June and came a full hover in December. As they wandered crosswise over nations, the three musketeers spread mindfulness about women strengthening. Road treks are unusual and non structured and add to that, there are endless astonishing destinations holding up to be unearthed. To us, the world has dependably been a substantial chunk of twine, simply holding up to be unraveled and what preferable approach to do it over with the wind in your hair and the road lies in front of you.


It started with Women Beyond Boundaries. Women Beyond Boundaries is conceptualized by Sweta Mazumdar and Nidhi Tiwari. WBB is a stage to enable lady drivers with abilities to connect with other ladies in far-flung zones, in troublesome territory keeping in mind the end goal to convey goods and services. At the point when Nidhi proposed this insane undertaking from Delhi to London in an Indian car, crosswise over 17 nations, the other two speedily hitched our fervor to hers, gathered our packs and hopped into the car. By the way, Nidhi was the performance driver for the expedition.



The three of them started off from Dhyanchand Stadium on the 23rd of July 2015 and finally reached the city of London on the 28th of October 2015, in the wake of having crossed crosswise over Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and UK. The Indian leg was shockingly the most energizing and bold for them. Everything went as arranged till Manipur. Driving from Kohima to Imphal, they were stuck amidst the road because of a strike at Imphal. The streets were blocked and they couldn’t move further. In this way, they sat in the car with no place to go, viewing the nonconformists pass us by, some with sticks as well as stones.

They looked on the three of them inquisitively pondering what these ladies were doing out and about. One fellow, drunk to his gills, strolled up to them and began conversing. Out of fear, they kept a straight face and humored him by making some courteous discussion. These three women pondered internally, this is the thing that we will need to persist for the following 7 hours. At that point came another cluster of people who initially passed them by and after that returned inquisitively peering into their car. One of them told the 3 of them that it was not okay for these women to be sitting in the car amid these dissent hours and encouraged the three of them to come with him to his home where he could arrange lunch. They were in a predicament now, to trust or not to trust? Simply heeded our gut feelings and drove behind him to his home.



When they stopped the car outside his home, it was a by path with a little wooden passageway and pretty much as they stopped, around 4 people walked to check these 3 mothers. All of them were getting marginally panicky by visiting this random person’s house! The three of them asked among themselves, “Is it true that it was a wrong choice to heed our gut feelings and tail him?” He continued requesting that the 3 could come inside his home. They asked him where his family was and he urged the three of them to come inside his home once more.

They ventured into his home with a great deal of anxiety just to be welcomed by the most inviting grinning face of his mom and two sisters. What a help! From that point on, till 7 at night, these 3 brave women most likely had a great time. His mom cooked the most marvelous pork and some genuine Manipuri sustenance for the lovely guests, after which the three of them went for a rough terrain drive to an outing spot by the Sekmai stream, he played the guitar, sang melodies and made these women feel so at home and like a piece of his gang.


“On finishing the excursion, people dependably ask us, what was the most important part of the outing?” All things considered, the ‘Stans! Driving past the silk course was a surge to the senses from the particular to the extraordinary, Las Vegas meets Purani Dilli. Deserts, Mountains, High height lakes, Lush valleys, this area has it all! Tyrants and wanderers, yurts and royal residences, the soviet garbage and the energy of another country, over a 1000 years of history to investigate and they were straining at the leash.


For these three women, travel has dependably been about uniting with individuals. You are just an outsider till you make proper acquaintance! Central Asians are the friendliest lot that they met on their special journey. They for all intents and purposes receive you, particularly on the off chance that you are an Indian. They were totally shocked with the effect that the Indian society has over this locale, especially Bollywood. It is verging on respectful. They got the first taste of this when they traversed from China to Kyrgyzstan.


It was very crisp and these 3 women were sitting tight for the customs to clear their papers. This huge and beefy officer strolled up to them and said, ” Hindustan?” they gestured yes and he gave them a major smile and broke into a gig, singing” Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy”! He then went ahead to get some information about Mithun Chakraborty. These women never thought they would be having a communication via gestures discussing with a Kyrgyz official about Mithun’s wellbeing and acting ability! Furthermore, it has been similar to this all through central Asia. The minute local people would make sense of these 3 were Indians, they would either begin singing or moving to Mithun’s tunes.

It has been believed that nobody parties like the Punjabis, yet trust us, they are not a patch on the Uzbekis. They are resolute. These women were at an eatery and while in transit to the restroom, they passed a table of Uzbeks who were praising the conception of an offspring of one of their mates. Before they know it, the 3 were practically kidnapped, confined between these individuals, no chance to get out, revolving to what? I am a disco dancer. Once more!

The most peculiar experience would presumably be the point at which the women would plonk their children in the arms of these 3 and request to snap pictures with them. The experience was unsettling and strange most definitely for these 3 travel enthusiasts.


WHAT WAS LIKE TRAVELLING AS A WOMEN THROUGH CENTRAL ASIA:6These nations are Muslim, yet of a more direct, open and secular variety than you may discover in parts of the Middle East. This joined with Soviet and Russian impact, can make Central Asia feel like the place that is called the land of paradox. It never felt hazardous and they were were dealt with like eminence. The three of them said, “We for one felt like outlandish flavors on this silk course”

Another most regularly made inquiry is the manner by how easy or troublesome it was to get the license. The procedure is arduous yet possible. Myanmar and china require grants in the event that you plan to drive. Myanmar regulations require that an escort vehicle tails you from passage to exit. The charge incorporated their accommodation and food. Additionally, China requires an English talking aide in the car for self-drive vehicles. These women had to take care with the food and convenience of the aide. The most ideal approach to take is to contact travel organizations in these nations and they would handle it for an expense and it isn’t cheap for sure.
The way these 3 women showed to the world how it feels from travelling from Delhi to London via car is something totally EPIC! The next time you plan a road trip similar to this, try Central Asia as well, get off from the car and shout Mithun Chakraborty.

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