Six best ways to make money from traveling

Have you ever thought of making money from traveling? Most of you may think of a dream job where you could earn while you travel but no one would have seriously thought of earning few bucks from the next travel. The Good news is if you have little talent in bringing out your experience as a story then YES, you can make money from traveling, but working hard and having good observation is the key.

Six best ways to make money from traveling

1. Travel talks

All you need is to become amazed by your own stories and this is what will bring a story teller in you. Public speaking is an art and so is grasping everyone’s attention while you skillfully tell your travel story. Pick the best photos out, be confident of your own experience and contact pubs, libraries, organizations, set the date, hour and price and you let the crowd become mesmerized.

2. Travel articles

Writing is yet another trait that not every one can do, writing travel articles is definitely a good way to give your experience a larger shelf life. One should not expect extremely high income from travel articles though, which also depends where the article will be finally published. If you have the skill, your article may be chosen to be published for the In-Flight Magazines!

3. Selling photos

Selling photos over internet has today become so much easier to get some additional income. Websites like Shutterstock, Flickr Collection, Alamy etc are the ideal places were you can stock your photos and sell them.

4. Travel sites

There are also certain travel sites, which will give you provision from their ads earnings. How high your earnings will go to, depends on the likes, shares, comments and clicks your comment or article over the sites receive – with more interaction, more is the money. Check out I Love Journeys and try to write for them – you can earn as much as 100 USD for the best article!

5. Travel blog

Blogging, can definitely help you earn a name in the travel industry and also make some good money for you. But it demands to put a lot of effort in this. Money comes when you get readers and before you do get them, you will have to spend lots of time posting, writing, thinking and promoting. If you are here only for the money, you might just stop thinking to have your own travel blog as making money with blogging is a marathon!

6. You Tube

If you can make amazing video footage, footages that are funny or scary enough to attract viewer then you can make a fortune with it. The higher is the viewership, the more is the number of advertisements you get and higher goes your income.

If there is any another way you had made any money from traveling? We would love to hear and learn from you!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to trip and earn money.


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