Thanedar: The Apple Land

I am looking at a place to relax and re-stimulate my senses’ she said to a friend, casually massaging her head to get rid of stress she had while planning her next day at the office. ‘Opt to go Thanedar’ pat come the reply. Being an offbeat enthusiast, I always get drawn towards the beauty of nature which is pure, clean yet untouched by tourist. … Continue reading Thanedar: The Apple Land

Couple in old-fashioned car on road trip

Why Travel ?

People believe that work and travel are two different things. Its’ a myth! Travelling is really a school, where the experiences are teachers and destinations you’ll visit along the way are the classrooms. Read on. Here are 10 reasons how travelling aids you in growing at work!   You can deal with changes in the best way. As a tourist, you are always putting yourself into … Continue reading Why Travel ?

tourist or traveller

Are you a tourist or a traveler? Let’s find out

Everyone travels and everyone travels in their own unique way. While few people prefer to capture the moments in cameras, few others prefer to venture out and soak in the beauty of nature. While few would like to hit the roads and explore even the tiniest corner which exists in this world, other prefers to take a backseat and enjoy the luxury of being on … Continue reading Are you a tourist or a traveler? Let’s find out