Best Road Journey

10 Most Scenic Road Trips in India

Many people would argue that road trip is a waste of time as one can travel cheaper and faster. No one is here trying to contest the legitimacy of a train or flight journey but if you did not have had a road trip, you have missed it all. Moving slow has its own benefit as you enjoy the bumps, the snake like roads going … Continue reading 10 Most Scenic Road Trips in India


Mad or What ?

Craziest things to do in India The question is how much civilized you are or how you actually define being civilized is because most of the civilized social definitions would never give you an experience worth remembering. Breaking boundaries is important when you want to do something out of the conventional, when your family has a tradition of becoming Doctors and you stood up for … Continue reading Mad or What ?

Zeliang Naga Tribesmen of Nagaland, India rehearsing their traditional dance during Hornbill Festival on 10th Dec 2014.

15 Fairs & Festivals in India, which you should not miss out

India, the land of Festivals, is known for its rich heritage, varied traditions and languages. Owning to its large geographical area and diversity in culture, it is believed that everyday round the year there is some festival celebrated in parts of India. Each Festival has its own significance for celebration, which is considered to be a major attraction for the travellers to explore India in … Continue reading 15 Fairs & Festivals in India, which you should not miss out