Visa On Arrivals For Indians – Top Island Destinations

The worst part of travelling abroad is the problems related to Visa Interviews and conflicting information can be dangerous as well. On an ideal way, a traveller shouldn’t be questioned or interviewed about entering a country, where he rather wants to relax for a few days or weeks. There are many fascinating island destinations in the world that offer Indians to tour the country with less visa hassles and offer visa on arrival. These island destinations are scenic, mysterious and you should certainly give it a visit.

They are as follows:


While arriving in Mauritius, Indians are given a free visa for around 90 days and that’s something spectacular.

FACTS: Mauritius is a well known island destination and you would certainly enjoy your time out here.

THINGS TO DO: It has everything for a beach lover, from sea food to some good accommodation, but you can also give it a shot for Tandem Skydiving.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: You need to keep a dictionary or phrase book if you aren’t someone who speaks French. Many people do know English but majority of instructions on road and others are in French. So, you know what you should do.



Indian citizens travelling to Maldives are given a visa on arrival for 30 days. Maldives is a beautiful island destination and a place which is popular around the world.

FACTS: Around 80 of the islands have been developed just for the tourists and it’s almost certain that you will be having a gala of a time out here in Maldives.

THINGS TO DO: You would get almost everything you desire from an island destination. Some of the islands that are inhabited aren’t for tourists without permits.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: It is a costly island destination, you will absolutely have the time of your life but you’ll have to pay a bit as well. Som of the inhabited islands can be very strict and if you visit these islands, make sure you behave accordingly to their ways.



The visa on arrival for Indian citizens is upto 30 days and amounts around USD 35.

FACTS: It is the world’s largest country that comprises solely of islands. Composing of 17,508 Islands. Around 6,000 are inhabited.

THINGS TO DO: Go for diving, relax on the beach, enjoy some amazing street food and check out some fascinating architecture.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Some of the islands can be absolutely expensive like Bali and many people earn their income by fooling tourists.



Visiting Madagascar can fetch you a visa on arrival for around 90 days.

FACTS: Madagascar has a diverse array of flaura and fauna. It is a very big Caribbean island and at times also called as the 8th continent.

THINGS TO DO: Try checking out the Baobab trees and Tsingy de bemaraha reserve.

KEEP IN MIND: Be very careful and alert to situations, don’t try to flaunt your own attention as may land you in deep trouble. Try having a Malagasy phrasebook, many of things are not meant to be photographed without prior permission.



The fee for getting a visa on arrival costs about 61 Euros. Situated in East Africa, around the Indian Ocean, it is a volcanic island destination and majority of the population is Muslim.

FACTS: Comoros is also known as the Island of the moon.

THINGS TO DO: Watch Dolphins, hike, dive, trek.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Comoros is a Muslim country and wearing skimpy clothes or drinking in public can be offensive. It is a country affected with Malaria as well as high political tension. Be careful about it while visiting Comoros.



Free visa is given to Indian citizens on arrival for about 180 days. The country is quite a party destination with natural beauty and active volcanos as well. It is a Caribbean Island.

FACTS: It is a Caribbean island destination distinguished by hot springs. The most famous spring is the Boiling lake.

THINGS TO DO: Diving, fishing, snorkelling, waterfalls etc.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Out here you can survive with English but it’s quite an advantage if you know French fluently. Dominica is one of the safest Island destinations.




FACTS: It is the second most oldest destination in the Western Hemisphere.

THINGS TO DO: It a country with many problems from quite a time but rich in history as well as culture. Try visiting the forts, castles, citadels etc. Have some amazing local cuisine and enjoy life in a different way.

KEEP IN MIND: It is still quite unsafe after the eathquake struck in the year 2010. In the year 2014, a cholera epidemic broke out in this island destination.



Visa on arrival for Indian citizens for about 14 days. A paradise on earth for sure and it is in the Caribbean.

FACTS: The country consists of a lush topography of beaches, rainforests and mountains.

THINGS TO DO: Aside from the amazing activites on this tropical destination, Bob marley waa born here and you can take a trip down memory lane about Bob Marley’s life. Try this fruit called as Ackee, it tastes a lot like scrambled eggs. The best thing you could do here is getting married and you won’t certainly regret.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Converting the money into jamaican dollars can be easy but be aware of the exchange rates. Try avoiding the people about where you are staying and don’t say that it’s your first visit.

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